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RET-Rapid Eye Technology

Clearing the Blocks

Rapid Eye Technology is a natural, safe process to release stress and trauma. RET simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release system. It is a quick and powerful release, which happens without reliving any actual trauma. Accessing the whole mind/body system while in an awakened state. This awakened state allows you to be in control of your own journey. RET empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing negative belief systems, negative thought forms, and emotions – all of which contribute to emotional stress. 

RET opens up the neuro-pathways where the energetic/emotional memories of stress or trauma are trapped. For instance, being trapped in the birth canal, trapped in a car accident, or trapped in a relationship, are all on the same neuro-pathway.

Energy confined at the cellular level by emotional or physical trauma is thus accessed allowing the energy to discharge through a fast eye blinking process. Clients release issues and emotions at a comfortable rate without reliving incidents.

Rapid Eye is good for those who suffer from unwanted patterns that refuse to change, despite all your effort. It is another powerful tool used for stubborn traumas from the past that repeat themselves, in various forms. Stress can cause or contribute to physical illness if not addressed and allowed to continue.

Do you have any personal, family or relationship patterns or issues in your family you would like to change? Rapid Eye works to clear limiting patterns or beliefs that keep you from living your best life. Once RET clears these patterns which were locked in from past experiences, you will have more energy for creating a healthy, joyful future. Clients report they feel immediate benefits, experience wholeness and feel resolution in each session. RET is very complementary to hypnosis or coaching.

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