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Guided Meditation

Create Inner Peace

Most people have a hard time with meditation because they have not learned how to slow down. Their mind is too active, and they become frustrated with the process. Guided meditation makes it easy to move into a relaxed state of mind because you are guided through the journey.  

Your practitioner will take a case history to learn what your challenges are, and with that information, they will custom design your customized meditation journey. You get to lie back in the comfort of your own home and be guided into a calm meditative state of consciousness using music and verbal instruction.   

Your meditation practice is designed to teach your body and your mind to move into a profound state of peace and ease. There is a place within you where LOVE resides. This LOVE is beyond what can be expressed in words. It is an experience of being one with all that is.  

By using your personalized meditation daily, you can retrain your mind to carry this sense of peace into your daily activities, and this can help you cope with life so much better. You will receive an mp3 version of your meditation session to work with daily.  Meditation balances your mind and helps you to feel more relaxed and centered.    

* We serve clients in the Hillsboro Oregon, Aloha Oregon, Beaverton Oregon, Tigard Oregon, and Portland Oregon as well as the USA nationwide. Remote/ Virtual Sessions.  

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This is a guided meditation process that trains you how to meditate to create peace & . relaxation.