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Floral Dynamic Imagery™

Flower Essence Therapy

So you might be thinking.... What is Floral Dynamic Imagery™

Well, it's a process that I have perfected over the years with my clients. My clients have seen powerful changes very quickly. Flower Essences can enhance the effects of other therapies. Floral Dynamic Imagery™ is a unique two-fold process where we combine your custom-designed Guided Imagery Therapy along with your special blend of Flower Essence Therapy. It is an extremely powerful combination! When you combine flower essence with visualization it takes it to a whole other level! I have developed a protocol that is uniquely mine. We use the Bach and FES (Flower Essence Society) essences, which are the highest quality essences available.

What are Flower Essences?


Flower essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s. They are a form of “energy” medicine made from individual flowers, and they are 100% safe and non-toxic. Flower Essences have been very popular in Europe for many years and have been gaining popularity in the United States over the last twenty years. Each Flower Essence in the pharmacy correlates with a specific negative emotion or belief, such as extreme fear, deep sadness, worry or melancholy to name a few. When taken orally they have the capacity to bring you emotionally and spiritually into a balance, which inevitably improves your overall well-being.

Case studies have shown us that the use of Flower Essence remedies can create a huge shift in your awareness and they are powerful wellness tool. Flower Essences are a profound therapy used alone or with other modalities. 

What is Guided Imagery Therapy and how does it work?


Guided imagery is a traditional mind-body technique. It uses the power of visualization to direct the client to concentrate on images held in the mind’s eye and imagination. Utilizing the connection between the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system, it activates the visual cortex, which is at the back of the brain. The visual cortex can influence your physical and emotional state. 

How does a Floral Dynamic Imagery™ session work?

Your session begins with your practitioner taking an in-depth case history to learn more about the goals you want to achieve. They will put together your protocol by utilizing this information. Then, they will custom design your Flower Essence tincture and your visualization treatment.  In the comfort of your own home, you will be guided into a relaxed Alpha state of consciousness, which is very similar to daydreaming. This is where the magic happens to create changes physiologically that can affect the body, as well as your dreams, goals, and desires!

* We serve clients in the Hillsboro Oregon, Aloha Oregon, Beaverton Oregon, Tigard Oregon, and Portland Oregon as well as the USA nationwide. Remote/ Virtual Sessions.

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