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How safe is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is completely safe – no one can make a person do what he or she doesn’t want to. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that people move in and out of on a day-to-day basis. Hypnosis is a powerful technique for creating the positive change you desire.

How will I know I have gone into Hypnosis?

The easiest way to know you have succeeded in being hypnotized is to compare how you felt at the beginning of the session and then at the end. Notice how your body responds to suggestions of feeling heaviness, lightness, coolness and warmth during the hypnotherapy session. Did more time pass than you thought? Do you feel extremely relaxed?

If I have control issues or have a hard time relaxing, can I be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a guided inner journey where the Hypnotherapist assists the client in relaxing the body. The more you relax the body, the more the mind will relax.  Clients tend to find that this process helps them relax deeper than they are able to on their own. People who feel they have control issues are actually great candidates for Hypnosis because they are able to stay focused on the guidance of the Therapist and naturally move into a state of Hypnosis. You are always in full control, and you are the one that decides YES I want these changes.

Can someone who is easily distracted use self-hypnosis?

Relaxation techniques are used that bypass the busy conscious mind and access the subconscious mind. These techniques include keeping the mind focused on something like counting as the client relaxes. As the busy conscious mind also begins to relax, it allows Hypnosis to occur.

Private Session:

The practitioner takes an in-depth case history while observing your body's physiology and eye accessing cues to determine the best protocol for the issues & challenges that you want to change. Your session will consist of one of the following modalities:

Progressive Hypnosis, Timeline/Regression, Rapid Eye Technology, Skills for Life Coaching and /or Flower Essence diagnosis. We have package deals for more than 3 sessions.

Classes & Group Hypnosis:

We offer an array of classes and group hypnosis on a variety of topics. Visit our EVENTS tab to see our most resent schedule.

Hypnosis CD’s & MP3’s:

Our powerful Hypnosis CD's or MP3's are designed to assist you in relaxing. You begin by sitting or lying in a comfortable position at a time when you won’t be disturbed and you are guided by the digitally mastered music and the soothing voice of (Rev. Robin Hart C.H.t, N.L.P, R.E.T) our Certified Clinical Hypnotist. She will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and trance.

You will always be aware of what is going on around you and you are always in full control, just more open and receptive to positive suggestions. Children are so naturally open that they can move into this state quite quickly. As adults, we have found that we need to relearn the ability to relax and become receptive. The enjoyable sensation of Hypnosis has been likened to a "massage for the soul." It is the state we enter before falling asleep. Hypnosis is also a wonderful process to help those who have a problem falling asleep.  You will truly enjoy your inner journey!

Are the results permanent?

For some, the suggestions stay with the individual indefinitely. Others will need reinforcement. The effects are cumulative. The more the techniques are practiced and post-hypnotic suggestions are used the more permanent they become. Using an online CD or listening to your personal session will aid in permanence.

Can anybody be hypnotized?

People who are mentally and emotionally stable and free of mental illness can be hypnotized in most cases if they are willing, open and receptive. The depth of hypnosis varies depending on how relaxed the individual is and how much they allow themselves to be hypnotized. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Hypnosis will only work if you want to create the change. No one can make us do what we don’t want to. 

Will Hypnosis Conflict with Religious Faith or Spirituality?

Not at all. Hypnos is just a way for you to access your deeper mind so you can be more in alignment with you spiritual beliefs. It can only support you in your spiritual practice. Keep in mind you are in full control and you are the one directing your subconscious to feel safe and you can reinforce your 

Is hypnosis medically approved?

American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association have approved Hypnotherapy for use by professionally trained individuals. The British Medical Association also adapted Hypnosis as a viable medical tool in 1958 the same year as the AMA.

Will insurance cover Hypnosis?

Some insurance companies will reimburse you. It can be helpful to receive a referral from your doctor to use Hypnosis. You’ll want to check with your medical insurance company for further information.

Can someone who is easily distracted use self-hypnosis?

Relaxation techniques are used that are designed to keep the conscious mind busy in order to bypass it and access the subconscious mind. Techniques include keeping the mind focused on something like counting and as the client relaxes the busy conscious mind also begins to relax allowing hypnosis to occur.

Sometimes I want to change and other times I don’t. Can hypnosis help me?

Some people are not ready to give up their habits or undesirable behavior. Without the motivation, or want to change, the success of Hypnosis will become challenging. In that instance, NLP may be used to find out why there is resistance (the part that doesn’t want to change) and what is stopping the change from being accepted.

Rapid Eye Technology:

Rapid Eye Technology is a safe, natural process that quickly and permanently releases the underlying trapped fears that cause us anxiety, stress, and emotional triggers. These fears block us from living a healthy happy life. RET safely releases stress,  past trauma and related issues that are blocking your progress. RET utilizes several modalities such as; Hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, Polarity therapy & EFT…

During a Rapid Eye Session the conscious mind is communicating with the subconscious mind creating a safe environment to let go of the energy attached to the stress or trauma.

The RET Technician uses an eye directing device (wand) to direct the eyes while the client blinks rapidly. As the wand moves back and forth in front of the eyes the client picks up the fast movement, replicating the “alpha/theta” brain wave state.

The RET Technician uses rapid spoken verbal communication to direct the release of core issues. During this process, the eyes are rapidly blinking and releasing the energy of emotions, pictures, and memories. Many different eye movements, techniques and processes work to safely affect change.

Most people respond wonderfully to this process and feel better immediately without reliving the trauma. Rapid Eye assists in releasing trapped energy, negative patterns and limiting beliefs on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each being. This allows you to make new choices.

Flower Essences:

What are flower essences and how are they used?

Flower Essences are energy medicine made from individual flowers that have been found to stabilize emotions. Flower Essences may be used as a treatment on their own or in conjunction with another therapy.  Flower Essences boost the therapy process. Everything is energy including our emotions.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered  in the late 1020s that flowers had a vibration energy and that the energy from individual flowers could bring an emotional imbalance  back into balance. We have found that each emotion vibrates at a different frequency such as joy (which is a very fast vibration) and depression (which is a very slow vibration). These emotions can now can be measured in hertz.  Flower Essences are 100% safe and non-toxic and when taken orally they have the capacity to bring you into a balanced state, which improves the emotional well being and inevitably the well being of the physical body.  Flower Essences may be used in conjunction with Hypnotherapy, NLP and/or RET as it enhances the results and can create greater positive shifts.  By combining  Flower Essences with other therapy a person may experience a heightened awareness, experience “ahas” and insight into their behavior. Flower Essences may also be taken on their own.  In order to determine the right mixture for an individual, first an in-depth case history is compiled by the practitioner. Flower essences are completely non-toxic and can be taken with any medication safely. They are safe for even children and animals.


Can Affirmations really help me?

Yes, affirmations will help anyone and everyone. The key is to use them daily! When you use affirmations regularly throughout the day using visualization, along with focusing on your thoughts and feelings, magical things will happen.  For some unknown reason most people seem to be ready to believe the worst because it’s easier for them to believe the negative than it is the positive. It has been demonstrated that nearly 90% of our thoughts are negative, no wonder we find ourselves struggling. Each negative thought or word is a negative affirmation and it is these negative thoughts that validate our negative internal beliefs. Affirmations are more than just repeating words. They actually neutralize the negative charge. You probably have heard the saying “where there is light darkness cannot exist”, well this is true. Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto recently published a fascinating book “The Message from Water”. In it Dr. Emoto provided evidence that the vibration of our thoughts, words, ideas and music are energy and directly affect the molecular structure of water; the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of our human body.  That’s right; our thoughts have power and affect our health and well being. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!