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It is said that all Wisdom is contained within us!  Through a choice of modalities, we can facilitate the process of tapping into and drawing upon your own innate Intelligence and abilities to improve your life  and accomplish your dreams and goals.

What our customers are saying

Working with Marvella, I experienced new Ah-Ha's and understanding in my interactions with others and greater loving compassion for myself...which equals greater tranquility for me. Priceless!

Non-judgemental love and intuition is the "secret sauce" that allows Marvella to serve the uniqueness of her clients from a menu of diverse healing modalities.  That's life changing!  Thanks Marvella

Catherine M., Portland, Oregon

My experience with Marvella was extremely helpful....she asked such insightful questions.  I was able to understand the connection between my former life and my current one.  Marvella guided me to the place I needed to be.  I would trust her again.

Evelyn V., Portland, Oregon

I did not know what to expect from my session with Marvella and had decided not to force an outcome.  That was not a problem.  Her soothing voice and delivery let me completely relax and I let myself be guided.  She guided me without interfering, so that I felt I was led along the path I was meant to take to experience an earlier life.  Marvella's presence was comforting and I felt safe.

Mary Ellen S., Beaverton, Oregon

Marvella, the session I had with you was very professional. The best part was that you (helped) me move off of (being) stuck. I didn't even know I was stuck. Within a month, I moved out into the country...my health has improved and I've lost 10 pounds.  I want to thank you for helping me get off (being) stuck. ......thanks!

Linda G., Hillsboro, Oregon

Marvella truly has a gift both of spirituality and of reaching into my past and helping me to see where I have been. On a quiet Sunday afternoon she helped me to arrive in a deep meditative state that brought forth memories of lives and feelings from those lives.....the feelings helped me to realize that I have the courage and strength deep inside me, and I can muster up that strength for today's living. Additionally, when she was calling upon the Divine to commune with me on some personal things, I realized that my connection is more than I have realized and perhaps I can have

 that soulful prayer I need.  

Kevin R., Beaverton, Oregon

Better experience than I ever anticipated. I was left in awe, surrounded by comfort, guidance, and innate intuition I never knew existed.

Katie J., Beaverton, Oregon